July 29, 2010

I am so far behind in sneak peeks that a few of you will be getting "sneak peeks" and full galleries nearly at the same time.  Whew!  I've been shooting much more than usual this month and also had a quick trip to California (and oh, taught a workshop!) and am looking forward to catching up on everything else soon.  It will happen!  I declare it to be so! :)

For the third (extra)ordinary workshop, we tried something a bit different for the "real home" family session on the second day.  For the first two workshops we did indeed go to a "real" home, but our "clients" for the day were friends of mine (who are also clients, but I digress . . .) so there was a certain level of comfort there that one wouldn't necessarily have at a stranger shoot. For our July workshop, however, we kept it completely real!  The R. family graciously volunteered to host the paparazzi for the morning and I photographed a family I'd never met before in a home I'd never seen before . . . in other words, what I do most days! This time I had a lot of company, though--no pressure!

Thank you once again to the lovely ladies who attended the workshop . . . please check out their beautiful work at the links below my images . . . and of course to the R. family for being such incredible sports.  

Thank you once again to the third group of (extra)ordinary workshop ladies (and also group two, because I have a sneaking suspicion that I never listed their links here!). Check them out!!

Stacy Mae Photography

Amy Herndon Photography

Caitriona O'Kane (link forthcoming!)

Christy Johnson Photography

Michlynn Schweitzer

Caroline Rentzel

Kelly Washbourne (also forthcoming!)

Village Photography (Megan Dempsey)


and the lovely ladies of group 2 in late May (mea culpa!)


Jen Orbistondo Photography

Heather Grace Photography

Colleen Clear Photography

Sophatography (Emily Sopha)

J. Ress Photography

Claire Bunn Photography

Life. Now. Photography (Wendy Tienken)

Heather Gallagher Photography

Sari Underwood Photography




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