April 20, 2010

Yes, the natural light studio in Wayne is open at last!  There are still many canvas and print samples on the way, a new rug on the way and other various objets d'art in transit, and some beautiful European toys still to be bought at Genes, but I've come to realize that the studio will always be a work in progress on some level--meaning I will get it "done" only to start restyling, right?  Or, as one of my best photographer friends recently said, I will attain the elusive "perfect" and then start looking for a new space to lease.  ha ha!

An official announcement and open house information will be going out to clients soon and a few of the already-scheduled sessions in the studio will appear on the blog this week and next.  For now, however, a quick peek inside. I will spare everyone the before images because, believe me, they would make you recoil in horror! ;)

What what what? Parking in Wayne? A dream come true! Yes, that is my car. :)

Adorable letterpress coasters from Two Paperdolls.

And of course I had to have a bed for my favorite baby-on-bed images!

This junior Panton chair is my favorite ever (well, until the Lou Lou ghost arrives next week).

Finally, my own little model had to get in on the action.  As I am sure is evident from this image, I take no credit for either the styling or the pose.  ha ha!

Thank you for indulging me! :)

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