March 16, 2010

Just a few quick answers to questions I feel I must address before my in-box fills with more queries . . . 


1) Yes indeed, rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. :) 

2) Yes, the studio is almost ready and YES, I will take many, many photos to show it off on the blog.  I promise!

3) Yes, there are new WordSmith products due within the next two weeks.

4) Yes, there are a couple of spots left in each extraordinary workshop . . . only one left for May 22-23rd, though!

5) Yes, I still have sessions available for spring! Weekend dates are booked through mid-May, but select weekday morning dates are still available. 

6) Yes, I still love Bono.  Why is this even a question?


More questions? Ask me anything on Formspring. I promise to try to keep up! : )

Have a great day all and enjoy the beautiful (almost) spring weather!


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