July 11, 2008

Take a look at these lovelies about to go out tomorrow.  :)  First up is a beautiful 24x24 gallery wrap canvas.  I just adore these because they are so easy--completely ready to hang.  

My usual "I am not a product photographer" disclaimer applies.


What a fun family, right?  Here's the wrap detail.  For my photographer friends . . . can we have a moment of reverence for the 85 1.2L?  I mean, come on!  This lens is amazing and pretty much single-handedly responsible for keeping me from switching back to Nikon after the D3 came out. ha ha!


And then my favorite photo from this session as a 16x20.

This image is precisely the type of art piece that I love in my own home--a less typical portrait that's slightly abstract and yet will forever remind the parents of a particular time in their child's life. I do love more traditional head shots as well, but somehow these less expected images seem more timeless to me and they are the ones that will stay while the head shots will be updated over the years.

And finally for fun--and to prove my point--here's what's usually on the top of my piano.  I need to get these hung. You see, I should have ordered canvases!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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June 19, 2008

. . . that I just don't want to send them to their new home!  These are going out the door today. They look so much nicer in person too, rather than as victims of poor product photography in my dark living room. :)


but wait! there's more! :) 


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June 04, 2008

I just have to show off this beautiful image box I received a few weeks ago to use as a sample.  Isn't it lovely?  My sad little decidedly-not-a-product-photographer captures don't do it justice. Each box is custom made from the client's choice of fabric and ribbon; the cover image is optional.  My standard offering will be this 8x10 box filled with 30 8x10 mats with 5x7 openings. Photos slip in and out, can be framed as is (or visit grandma's house in a frame, to be filled with an updated photo in the future!) or placed in an easel for an easily changeable display.  I'm going to start a collection of boxes for my daughter's photos, and I love that I'll be able to store them on a shelf like books as they accumulate.  Perhaps one box for each year?  

I chose a recent session that I loved to be featured in the sample--love those sweet C. boys jumping on the bed!





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