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March 05, 2010

UPDATE: Yay!  Everything seems to be working fine yet again.  Thank you for your patience!  For the record, I am using 1% of my bandwidth, so I don't think we were overrunning the server.  I say this, however, as someone who really has no idea if one thing relates to the other.  ha ha!  At any rate, we are back on track and all comments through 4:30 were accepted into the contest. Going to the Random Number Generator now and will be back at 5pm with the lucky winner AND a special time-sensitive announcement.


Comments for the workshop contest will be closed in one hour at 3pm EST. Enter now!

Be sure to check back at 5pm to see who has won AND for a special time-sensitive announcement for those who did not win but who still wish to attend.

Thank you! I have been thoroughly humbled by all of your kind remarks and appreciate them more than I can express.

Good luck, everyone!

p.s. Just in case this blog starts acting up again, I will post the winner + announcement over at the WordSmith blog as well (different hosts/servers).


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February 08, 2010


That is all. :)

To be kept in the know, visit the workshop website.  Thank you!  

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October 19, 2009


For my photographer friends . . . have you heard about Launch, the new workshop from the lovely Kristie Serra and Stacy Larsen? It promises to be the perfect workshop for beginners who are ready to transform--or rather we should say LAUNCH!--their passion for photography into a successful business.  

Even better news is that the Launch team will be giving away a free seat to their February workshop! To enter or sign up for the workshop, visit the Launch site today!

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March 16, 2009

I had a wonderful opportunity on Friday to mentor an up-and-coming Connecticut children's photographer and visit with some of my most adorable (and frequent! love them!) clients. It was still a bit chilly out so we concentrated on something I don't see discussed or taught very often--how to do a shoot entirely indoors, on location.  You need to be ready for anything, thinking on your toes and finding inspiration as you go along. While I was not the official photographer of the day and more concerned with my mentee getting in on the action, I did grab a few quick shots for mom, as well as snaps of the area we shot in.  Thank you, H.!  We also took a quick trip around the house to take some snaps of my images--how lucky am I to have my photographs as treasured artwork in someone's home?  I love my job!!!  

As always, photographers who have an interest in possible future mentorship or workshop opportunities should drop me a line.  I look forward to hearing from you!




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March 09, 2009

I'm working my way through the to do lists I've had on my desk, in my iCal, in my mind . . . for what seems like forever.  With each task completed, e-mail answered, brainstorming notepad filled, I feel better.  Lighter.  Ahhh!  Or maybe it's just the warm weather--either way, it's a great week!  A great month!  Come on, spring!

One task on the to do list that I crossed off late last night?  Updating the website!  I am usually crazy fast about updating my site, but with last year's busy holiday season it did not come to pass.  Lots of fresh images on the site, and soon there'll be a new featured session to go with them.  Check them out here or click on the photo below. Don't you know I did a little leap for joy (on the inside of course, while retaining my cool professional exterior, lol) when I saw this little one's polka dot ensemble?

Also, thank you to all of the photographers who sent guesses about what looks to be the next big announcement here ;) and kind e-mails.  You rock!!  If you'd like to be kept in the know, just shoot me an e-mail by clicking here.  Until next time!!


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