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October 15, 2010

No . . . not time for Joyce to reschedule all of the holiday mini-sessions due to wind (a refreshing change from the we-must-change-because-of-rain luck from the last two years!).  Rather, it's time to announce an upcoming date for an extraordinary workshop!  I've updated the workshop website and would love to meet you in March!  All details are on the site.


And of course I cannot blog without an adorable photo.


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July 13, 2010

What fun to be featured on The Creative Mama today! Have you been following their 2-week photography series?  Wonderful! Check it out. :) There is also a big WordSmith giveaway there today.

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May 25, 2010

Did you know that there was a contest to win a seat for July's extraordinary workshop on the Photographer Cafe blog?  It ends today at 5pm so go comment now!

I had a wonderful weekend with all of the talented attendees of workshop #2 and man, am I tired!!!  I promise that I'll be back for a full recap and also sneak peeks from this week's sessions!

Here's just one from our "real house" shoot on Sunday . . . Georgia, our bonus "model" and one of her best pals. :)

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May 13, 2010

I had such a wonderful time with the talented ladies who attended the first extraordinary workshop last week.  I can hardly believe that the next workshop is just a few days away as well, with one more in July (if you are questioning my sanity right now, you are not alone!).

Not only did I talk more than I ever thought possible (and I am chatty), I also photographed more children than I ever thought possible in such a brief amount of time. We had our shoot at the "real home" with N. and E., but almost at the last minute decided to add a bonus shooting opportunity for the attendees.  Many, many thanks to all of the clients who came by on remarkably short notice and participated in the pandemonium!  I will have prints made for you as soon as I receive more images from the attendees, but here are a few peeks at what I captured in 2-3 minute spurts whilst explaining my settings to everyone.  Not my normal way of shooting, to be sure, but so much fun nonetheless!  What a thrill to catch up with so many clients too--your sweet darlings have grown so much! Sniff, sniff!

Prepare yourself for the best. cheeks. ever.


Here's Miss E. near the same window at 5 days old and 3 years (and just a few weeks from welcoming a new baby brother or sister to the family!).


Thanks you once again to the lovely attendees--we simply did not have enough time together!!!

Susan Asaro

Laurie Wood

Elizabeth McCormick

Allison Hoffman

Melissa Deakin

Tracy Larsen

Sue Cooper

Cindi Fatzinger

Jennifer Griffin

Stacey Woods

Angie Capano







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March 05, 2010

LAURIE WOOD!  Come on down! (or up, or over!)  Congratulations to Laurie and many thanks once again to all who entered!  My super scientific random method included putting all of the comments that came in into a separate e-mail folder, making duplicate entries for those of you who tweeted etc but forgot to put an extra comment in, and also throwing in the names of those who have already registered for the workshop (just in case!). Add a random number generator and a five-year-old helper and there you are!

Laurie, send me an e-mail with your choice of date and I will get you all set up!

Thanks again to all who entered and all who will be attending.  You are the best!

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