November 19, 2009

It was such a treat, as always, to see the K. family again.  Our first session together was back when little sister T. was still on the way, and just look at the girls now.  :)  Thanks again, K. family!


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September 11, 2009

That's what Miss C. seems to be saying here.  She gave an equally quizzical look (followed by a "yeah, I guess you are okay!" glance) earlier in the evening as well.  

It was such a treat to see C. and big brother and sister T. and H. again, and such a delight to watch them grow. They are such exuberant, happy-go-lucky children--a true testament to mom and dad.  It was a pleasure seeing all of you again, M. family!

Just a few more . . . Duke watching over his young charges and some very bouncy, jumping beans. And I love the final shot of twins H. and T., although I'm sure I have no idea what was going on at this moment.  One thing is for sure--there was a lot of laughter and fun involved!

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August 12, 2009

Remember this adorable little guy?  I loved seeing the beautiful gallery wrapped canvases from his six month session on the walls of the M. family home.

And now look at him! Have you ever seen such gorgeous curls? Best of all, Mr. C. is pleased to announce that he will be a big brother very soon. All the best to the M. family during this exciting time--it was lovely to see you again!



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May 28, 2009

I was lucky enough to photograph the B. family last weekend and what a fun bunch they were!  There are just oodles of images of everyone (including one couple getting married in just a few weeks--*best wishes* J&J!!) but here are a few that caught my eye right away.  The mom in this first image is the sister of one of my favorite clients, so a big hello to L. if you are reading, and of course a thank you to K. and the entire family for having me!


Can you hear the giggles?


Sisters A. & A.


And perhaps my favorite series of all--a very popular guy giving each of his adoring grandchildren a turn. Wheeeee!



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April 27, 2009

Was Dickens talking about photographing toddlers when he penned the oft-quoted line, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times"?  Of course not, but indeed the phrase applies.  I always say that what makes photographing the just under two set challenging is the unpredictability of it all--you are decidedly on their agenda, as if there were a moment's doubt--but that's also what makes them utterly enjoyable.  While you can never be quite sure what's going to happen next (not to mention whether it will happen in that sweet spot of light!), you can rest assured that whatever does happen will be 100% genuine.  They have no concerns about what they "should" be doing in front of the camera and, believe me, that is as much a blessing as it is a challenge.  Just look at the expression of pure joy on P.'s face here.  Do I photograph the most beautiful children and families or what?  I love my job!!! Here's a little sneak peek from this weekend's session. Enjoy, G. family!

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