August 02, 2010

The last time I said "grazie mille" (thank you very much or, literally, a thousand thanks!) I was in Rome thanking more than one vendor of delicious stracciatella. But today I have to say it to the K. family, who have a good bit of distance between the studio in Wayne and their home in Florence, Italy.  Thank you, S.!  It was lovely to see you again and photograph the ever-adorable J. and V.  I'm in love with the entire session and here's just a small peek.


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July 20, 2010

We had a wonderful time at the third extraordinary workshop in early July--so much fun, in fact, that I'll need two blog posts to cover it!

One of the highlights for me was photographing a few of my past clients at the studio and seeing just how much they've grown--astonishing!  Thank you for participating! (Oh, and one image is from someone I see everyday; she was eager to show off her "poses" so I don't suppose anyone told her that mommy doesn't pose kids!).


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June 28, 2010

Can you hear the giggles?  What fun I had on my "playdate" with V. and H. Their laughter and joie de vivre was contagious.  Here's a quick sneak peek for the P. family--enjoy!  I have more images than words today as I'm heading out of town this evening to California for a few days.  All e-mails and calls will be returned when I come back next week, and a special mini-session announcement will be made then as well.

Thank you once again, P. family!  It was a pleasure to meet you!

And who could forget Buddy, who kindly sauntered up at the end of the session and asked for his portrait? : ) 


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June 06, 2010

When T. first scheduled a session with me, it was for then 9-month-old J. this past January.  Our first session date was *really* cold (as in even cold for January!) so we decided to postpone for the next weekend, which at that point promised to be a balmy ;) 43 degrees.  But what happened on that weekend?  One of the biggest snow storms of the winter!  We decided to wait for truly balmy climes and had our session yesterday.  Now 14 months old, J. was decidedly on the move with lots to explore and mom and dad, photographer, and neighbors to charm!  Here's a sneak peek of this adorable fellow to tide T. and D. over until the full gallery is ready.  It was wonderful meeting you at last!

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May 27, 2010

Such a cliche, but oh so true!  It was lovely to see so many clients again during last weekend's workshop, but with each arrival at the studio I couldn't help but wonder how they all got so big! :)  Here's a little peek for their parents before their prints arrive; thank you for sharing them once again with me!

A full workshop recap including our "real world" home shoot is forthcoming.  For now, just a note that there are 4 spaces left for July's workshop and this will be the last workshop this year. While I have been asked about fall workshops, knowing what the fall is like in the portrait business, I cannot see that happening. :)  Finally, the special pricing for those who'd like to make one payment for the workshop will be gone after June 1st. If you're thinking about the July workshop, let me know soon!  I'm also happy to put you in touch with many of the attendees thus far, many of whom have written me the nicest. e-mails. ever.  Thank you all!

And now . . . onto the cuteness!!

This little guy was a newborn the last time I saw him but one thing definitely remains the same--fabulous hair!

We last saw this sweet girl sporting an adorable knitted bear hat.

Miss I. was on the go this time and talking up a storm.

When I last saw F. I remember shooting in his garden . . . and the bathroom of all places!

He brought someone new with him . . . baby brother O.!


L. sported a dinosaur cap the last time I saw him.  I was not prepared for the big boy who arrived at the studio!

Mr. G. left his superhero cape at home but brought his "model look" and of course his dear pal Umpus. I promised him a closeup with Umpus for his bedroom! :)

This is from my 2006 session with E. and J.

And E. now!

. . . and big brother J., who knows everything there is to know about X-Box!

Thank you once again to all of the clients who made the trip for 5-10 minutes of modeling--I am floored, as always, by your kindness!



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