September 22, 2010

A delightful blog feature . . . 

Coming soon . . . loads of new images and a brand-new blog.  Stay tuned!

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September 15, 2010

What better way to segue into the busy fall season than with an ode to summer?  This featured session was such fun!  I've done quite a few sessions with the C. family and sometimes have to remind myself that I'm not just there to chat and visit. :)

We captured so many images of youngest brother H., who we fear will not have his "baby" look much longer. Isn't he adorable?

Who can resist a wide-angle shot of a baby in a rocker?

I think he was one or two frames away from wrestling away from dad here.  So much to explore!

Proud big brothers L. and B. also had a great time showing me their "moves" on the playset and, at the end of the session, in the pool.  

Thanks again, C. family!  You'll be hearing from me again very very soon!

A note about the holiday season: Thank you to everyone who has booked a session this fall!  Right before my vacation I booked the last available weekend session before Christmas.  Then . . . we all know what happened.  Labor Day passed, school started, and everyone realized, "Hey!  I need to book a session before the holidays or to capture the lovely fall color."  Eep!!!  Fortunately I do have many spots available on weekdays.  For those who would like a family session, you may consider what many of my clients do, which is book an early morning spot.  Perfect light, perfect time of day for most little ones, and still early enough that mom and/or dad can make it to the office by 10 or 11am.  If the sun is up, I'm happy to photograph. : )

Thanks again, all!

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September 08, 2010

Welcome, sweet Miss C.!

Note: the studio will reopen after vacation this Friday, September 10th.  Thank you for your patience as I answer all of the e-mails and phone calls that arrived while I was away!

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August 20, 2010

At 14 months and 7 weeks, these little ones are destined to be the best of friends, I'm sure! Here is a small sneak peek for mom and dad . . . finished in the nick of time before vacation!  The studio will be closed between tomorrow and September 9th, and we'll return after Labor Day with more than a few fabulous changes around here.  Stay tuned!

Are these not the most adorable children? Thanks again, Z-W family!! :)

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August 17, 2010

So many newborns this summer!  What a treat. :)  Introducing sweet K. and adorable big brother R.  It was such fun photographing this family and chatting. Here's a quick sneak peek . . . 


Who could resist this plaintive little face? 

One of my favorites . . .  


And finally . . . I had to include this one.  Dad said I should take a quick snap of kitty, who was not supposed to be on the bed.  One thing is for certain--when you have not one but two little boys to care for, misbehaving kitties are pretty far down on the list of concerns. : )  Thanks again, C. family! 

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