Many months ago I was surfing the web looking for knick-knacks--ahem, I mean objets d'art--with which to decorate my home and I ran across something I absolutely loved.  No, not a vase,
 but rather words: Jonathan Adler's style manifesto. Fantastic in all ways.You just know who he 
is and what his work is about after you read it.  Without sounding terribly high-falutin' (I mean, come on, I love polka dots and use words like high-falutin') I must say that I believe wholeheartly that being utterly yourself, without pretense, is the only way to create art.  At least honest art.  I've had it in my head since then to write my own style manifesto but haven't gotten around to it yet . . . the text below is pretty darn close, though. It's really all you need to know to get me. :) style


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